Draft Dodgers Part One: Tips For Warming Your Home

While many people think that their furnace and central heating system should heat their entire home, often it is advantageous to take a more diversified approach. Surely, your furnace is your workhorse in terms of providing most of the heat you need, but by relying on a series of space heaters and – if possible – an actual fireplace, then you will take some pressure off your furnace and give it a longer life span than it might otherwise have.

At Toronto Refrigeration home appliance repair, we like to see our customers get the absolute best performance out of their appliances for as long as possible before they have to invest in new items; therefore, we always advise you to give your major appliances a break whenever possible. Hang your laundry to dry in the summer, and give your electric dryer a break; order delivery and eat out once in a while to give your oven – not to mention yourself – a break; light a fire and turn on a couple of heaters to support your furnace – any way you can disperse the work between more tools will likely be helpful.

In the wintertime, the appliances that you’re going to be most concerned with are your oven and your furnace. Since these appliances are built to create warmth, it follows that you’ll save yourself money by limiting the amount of heat that comes into your house. In the past, we’ve discussed the idea of having a woodstove or perhaps a fireplace in your home, because you can rely on these tools in the event of a blackout – not to mention the fact that they add a touch of style and class to your home. When you have an alternate heat source in your home, there’s no need to freak out when your furnace malfunctions; you can just give us a call and then light a fire for warmth. You’ll be free to relax until our experienced staff show up, ready to bring your furnace back to life!

If, on the other hand, everything is working well and you aren’t having any issues with your furnace or oven, you can take extra measures to make sure your home is safeguarded against drafts and cold air coming in through windows, or through a poorly insulated attic. Let’s go over a brief list of these strategies:

Draft Blockers 

Draft blockers can easily be purchased at Canadian Tire or Bed Bath & Beyond. Fleece blockers with foam and sand lining work very well to stop up problematic doors and windows and can be purchased in a wide array of colours to meet your style and design needs. If you’re the crafty type, you can always make a DIY draft blocker with your kids and give it a fun, funky design to add some much needed fun and colour to your house in the frigid throes of winter.

Thick Curtains

If you are a fulltime homemaker or work from home, you’ll definitely want to invite as much light as possible into your house or apartment in the cold, dark months, however, at night be sure to draw those curtains taut to keep out old man winter.

If you’re looking for a quick appliance repair in Toronto or the GTA, think Toronto Refrigeration. We provide speedy, quality service at a reasonable rate and our employees are friendly and knowledgeable!