Don’t Neglect Your Summer Appliances Just Because It’s Winter

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With the winter solstice behind us, we’re moving towards longer days and eventually spring. Winter can feel a bit depressing – especially if you don’t get a chance to head somewhere hot for a couple weeks. Thus, as we work our way slowly towards milder, more forgiving seasons, we need to pull together and come up with ways to make the winter more bearable.

The fridge repair experts at Toronto Refrigeration are all very well-versed in the exigencies of Torontonian winters, meaning we know what it’s like to experience a long winter. That’s also why we know how easy it is to get fixated on just how desperate we want to warm up and crank our heaters, all the while forgetting that spring is just around the corner and, soon enough, we’ll need to repair our A/C units again.

Keeping your house appliances running properly is one of the most challenging aspects of winter. Not only is it difficult to care, if you do happen to find a problem, but you’re also likely already drained of the energy needed to tackle it.

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With this in mind, do be sure to maintain all appliances to the best of your abilities, year-round! To make things easier, we’ve compiled a few pointers you can prioritize while surviving the winter months. Five of the most important devices in your home go as follows:

      • Your refrigerator
      • Your Stove
      • Your dishwasher
      • Your washer and dryer


All of these need to be cared for in winter. Not only will they be useful in the summer, too, you really don’t want to be stuck with hang-drying clothes in a snowstorm – a very ineffective method, suffice it to say. Unfortunately, because of the intricate nature of these devices and their dependency on either plumbing, hydro, or gas, these home appliances could get affected by the harsh winter conditions in a number of different ways.

Your fridge, for example, will always be a central part of your household. Just because you’ve grown to resent cold weather, doesn’t mean you should take it out on your fridge and freezer. You might be overusing it by stuffing it to the brim with foods to heat up, blocking circulation of the cool air and making it work doubly harder than it would otherwise.

In any case, you need to be kind to it as frequently as you can. While we all love sipping on a frosty mug directly out of the fridge during the summer months, your fridge is – quite obviously – a staple of your home’s comfortability. You’ll need a working fridge and freezer to undertake some convenient batch cooking for those days when you just want the ease of leftovers to sustain you. Do run some basic maintenance and clean it when you can. Assuming the door seals are functional and tight, and the condenser coils are cleaned regularly, there could be a problem with the thermostat.

Be sure to take good care of your fridge and listen to it if and when it speaks. If you’re hearing unusual sounds or smelling smoke, call someone straightaway. Indeed, it’s always helpful to repair your appliances as soon as possible.

And, while you may be obsessed with your heating system, oftentimes this is directly connected to the central air conditioning device upon which you’ll depend in just a few short months. By tending to your heating unit, you could easily kill two birds with one stone.

Although winter is a hard time for your home appliances, these winter tips can help you to keep them in a good working condition. And remember – if any doubt, just call a professional appliance repair service and get the consultation, whether it is for air conditioner repair services or your broken stove, do yourself a favour today!