Cozy Doesn’t Mean Costly

The official start of winter may be over a month away, but the temperatures are already dropping in Toronto. The cold and windy nights are only a taste of what’s to come, yet many of us are already turning to our thermostats in order to stay warm. Increasing the internal temperatures is certainly one way to stay comfortable as the weather gets worse, but it comes with a hefty price tag. Keeping your thermostat above the recommended 20°C – 21°C can put unnecessary stress on your furnace (reducing its overall efficiency and lifespan) and your wallet. But staying comfortable doesn’t have to be expensive. Warm and cozy is our specialty. We can help you achieve that without added costs with the following energy saving tips.

  1. Dress Your Windows Appropriately

Unless you have energy efficient windows with double or triple panes of glass, your windows are leaking an astonishing amount of heat. If you don’t have the budget for new windows, consider covering your windows with heavy drapes and honeycomb blinds. These treatments create additional layers between the glass and your rooms, making it harder to feel the cold temperatures radiating from your windows. If updating your windows’ décor isn’t in the plans this year, you can purchase insulating plastic film to attach to your windows. Once you install this clear plastic, it creates a pocket of warm air between your room and the chilled glass.

  1. Tackle Draughts

Next to windows, poor insulation is another reason why you’re feeling colder than you should this November. Evaluate the weather stripping around your doors and windows. If it’s worn or damaged, it can be letting the cold, outside air into your not-so-warm house. You can replace weather stripping outright or double up on any cracks with caulking. Use any leftover caulking to fill any lines, like pipes and electrical cables, that enter your home. These, too, may have damaged insulation that allow draughts into your rooms.

  1. Schedule a Maintenance Appointment

Making sure your heater is working as it should can help you lower the cost of its operation. Our team of furnace repair technicians can perform regular checks to assess, test, and repair this particular appliance. By ensuring each part of its machinations — from the venting system to its heat exchanger — you can ensure it’s running at its highest efficiency. An efficient appliance won’t just help you with your current utility bill. By making sure it’s regularly serviced, you can prolong its life for the full 20 years.

Though simple, these small gestures can make a big impact on your utility bill in the future. Before you adjust your thermostat, follow these tips to keep your home warm and cosy without the cost. We make a point of delivering an upfront quote, so you know the final price of our repairs before we start any maintenance work. Our visits, plus these insulating upgrades, are an affordable way to beat the chill this November and make sure your heater doesn’t have to work any harder than it should.