Cool Synergy: Air Conditioning And Fridges

As we start to look towards the heat of summer, it’s time to dust off those fans and A/C units and make sure that everything is still working properly. While you may have forgotten about summer heat during the long on brutal winter, we’re here to remind you: Toronto gets insanely hot in the summer months (especially July and August). Not to scare you or anything, we think the heat is mostly a good thing – the extra light provides vitamin D and the warmth makes it easier to relax – but it also makes it harder for your fridge to function, and if you’ve got a little window unit for A/C, it’s going to really need to flex its muscles on the hotter days. Refrigerator repairs are often necessary in the summer heat, and if you don’t have A/C, then your fridge is even more susceptible to breaking, since it has to fight off the heat all on its own.

Typically, most houses with central air are also equipped with nice new fridges that would rarely break down in any case. In our experience, we get a lot more calls from smaller apartments with no central air. The reality of the situation is that sometimes alder units can’t stand the intense heat and humidity. If you can remember all the way back to the 1990’s, we didn’t have such intense summer heat, but in the past decade we’ve seen some pretty bizarre weather patterns and more volatile temperatures as the ice caps continue to melt. As you get ready for the summer months, make sure that you have enough power running through your electrical system to keep the A/C and fridge going even on the hottest days of the year. Whatever season it may be, our insured, well-trained experts can perform appliance repairs in Toronto and the GTA on any and every brand.

The Toronto refrigeration philosophy is that by offering quality work at a fair price to our clients we earn their trust and are able to get some extra business through word of mouth. Thus, it is always in our best interest to give you the best service possible – otherwise our approach would fail. We’re a small, family based company who understands the value of a smoothly functioning household, so we’ll always make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Not only do we perform the best repairs in Toronto, our same-day-service means that you’ll never be stuck without a key appliance for too long. These days, in the disposable world that we live in, people have a tendency to chuck out whatever’s broken and reach for the newest toy on the shelf – the one with the outrageous sticker price that probably looks great but isn’t particularly well made. Our value-added services ensure that you get the most out of your appliance, whether it’s an old A/C unit you found in your parent’s basement or a vintage fridge with a cool mint-green colour. Appliances made in the distant past may need a little extra love and care, but they tend to made to endure, providing years of reliable service. So give us a call if you’re second-hand appliance breaks down, rather than rushing straight out to Best Buy and breaking the bank.