The Most Common Problems With Microwaves – and How We Can Help!

The microwave is an incredibly convenient addition to your kitchen, cutting the time you spend cooking in half. With enough power to bake a potato in 10 minutes and roast a full chicken in under an hour, the microwave is your culinary secret weapon when time is tight. So when you’re cooking against the clock for the whole family, it can be devastating to find that your microwave isn’t working. As the most prominent appliance repair service provider in the GTA, we receive plenty of calls regarding malfunctioning microwaves.

Your microwave doesn’t have to completely stop functioning in order to warrant a call to the experts. Common issues that prevent your microwave from cooking reliably and efficiently are enough to schedule a maintenance appointment with our team.

If you’re cooking tray is no longer turning, it can affect the way heat is distributed throughout your food. Improper delivery of heat can prolong cooking time. It can also ruin the food you’re trying cook by burning one part of the item and not cooking another part. Be sure that the turntable guide is clean and properly aligned in its track. You should also ensure that the tray itself is clean and resting correctly in the grooves of the guide and the turning mechanism. If everything’s clean and properly aligned, then it could be a mechanical failure affecting the tray’s motor; or the drive bushing (the device the tray rests on) could have become worn or damaged. A quick assessment by our certified technicians will find the root of your rotation issues.

A microwave that’s receiving power and still won’t work is a familiar issue for our technicians too. Unlike a problem with the cooking tray, you can’t troubleshoot this difficulty with cleanliness. The cause can lay with the supply of electricity. A faulty door switch can cause your microwave to cease. The defective switch will signal to the microwave that the door is still open, even if you shut it firmly. A safety feature of all microwaves will prevent it from operating while the door remains open, so your appliance won’t work until the switch is replaced. Another reason why your microwave has stopped working all together is due to a faulty fuse. As the device that regulates the flow of electricity to ensure your safety, any damage will cause the microwave to stop working. It simply needs a new fuse.

What’s simple to our team of certified appliance repair technicians might not be to you. It’s best that you leave any maintenance or repair work to the professionals. Your microwave is an advanced piece of technology that’s capable of giving your severe electrical shocks, even if you’ve unplugged it. If you see sparks inside your microwave or hear a loud buzzing every time you try to nuke your food, unplug it and call our representatives without delay. Our ‘round the clock services can dispatch a trained professional in your area whenever you need it. That way you can get your microwave back to its usual self. The faster you let us repair your appliance, the faster you can start cooking dinner under a time crunch.