It’s Cold Outside—So Stay Toasty Indoors With Toronto Refrigeration!

Whether you love to entertain or you’re planning on spending the holidays alone, you don’t want to encounter heating problems over the festive season. It’s wonderful to watch the snow pile up outside when you’ve got a roaring fire, beautiful tree, a circle of loved ones and a hot mug of cocoa, but all of that changes when your heating system isn’t working properly—suddenly the cold weather isn’t so quaint! Trust a qualified and professional appliance repair company like Toronto Refrigeration for all your heating and furnace needs—though our name sounds cold, we’re committed to keeping you warm!

In the meantime, there are a few things to keep in mind for keeping your furnace in top working condition for the holidays. First, make sure the area around your unit is tidy—you don’t want flammable items cluttering the floor, you don’t want your things ruined if there is a boiler leak, and you’ll want to access your furnace easily in case of emergency. Strange residues, odd colours, and unusual noises coming from your furnace usually indicate some kind of trouble, so if you detect them, give us a call!

How often do you change your filter? You should be cleaning out all dust and debris caught in your filter about once per month to allow optimal airflow and to keep the furnace working in a stress-free environment (new filters are widely available in retail locations, so you shouldn’t have to run out). One easy maintenance tip is to make sure all connectors and other forms of wiring are tightened—you don’t want anything to come loose over time. Make sure you can locate important numbers, like your Gas Company, and important switches, like your emergency shut-off valve, in a jiffy in case you start smelling gas. Finally, don’t forget to have working fire alarm and carbon monoxide detectors in your furnace room, and keep new batteries on hand when the old ones run out.

Advanced maintenance beyond these simple techniques is probably best left to the experts. Let’s face it—you probably don’t want to spend your holidays lubricating furnace parts, taking things apart, replacing and cleaning blower assemblies, fan belts, and condenser coils, and so forth. Nor do you want to be shopping for a new or replacement furnace! We specialize in both basic maintenance and repairs (in case of minor malfunctions) as well as total replacements; we’ll help you choose energy-efficient units to keep things toasty and environmentally friendly, to boot! And if your furnace conks out at the worst possible moment—right at the height of your holiday party, or while Santa’s tiptoeing around your living room—you can count on Toronto Refrigeration. We’re available seven days a week and twenty-four hours per day to help you keep out the cold and keep in the heat. No waiting until Monday morning, but same-day, emergency service when you need it—that’s the kind of company you want, especially when the weather outside is frightful!

Don’t leave your party guests, visiting family members, or cozy dates in the cold—contact Toronto Refrigeration for your furnace and heating system repair and replacement needs. Season’s greetings!