Call the Home Appliance Repair Pros, the Best in the Business

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One thing that makes the modern, technological world so comfortable is having machines effortlessly complete tasks that used to take us hours, or that leave us feeling more comfortable amid high or low temperatures. Many people have a suite of appliances in their home for just these reasons.

It can be easy to take them for granted when they work properly, but the appreciation kicks in the moment they start faltering. Toronto Refrigeration has all the services you need to keep your home appliances in tip-top shape. While it might seem counterintuitive, with autumn rolling around, now is the time to get your air conditioner inspected.

Here are all the ways we make A/C servicing professional, simple and convenient.

Licensed Experts

Every technician at Toronto Refrigeration has been properly licensed and accredited. We only hire experienced technicians who have inspected, maintained and repaired each type of home appliance by all the major manufacturers.

It’s best to winterize your air conditioner today to avoid that last-minute scramble next spring — be pro-active and get prepared for tomorrow’s conditions today. Beyond air conditioners, we also attend to every kind of washer and dryer, stove and range, dishwasher, and fridge and freezers.

We only use high-grade, brand new parts for each repair because we are Toronto’s definitive experts on appliance repair and we never cut corners. Plus, our technicians always treat your home the way they would their own and take pains to deliver service that will exceed your expectations.  

24/7, Same-Day Service

It’s a debilitating feeling when the machines you count on to help you run your home stop working properly, and we do everything we can to repair the problem as soon as possible. Call us any time, 24 hours a day and seven days a week and we will come that same day to get your machine working again.

These machines make modern living more comfortable, but sometimes they’re needed for safety — if you have elderly or young people in a home that’s too hot, or if your freezer doesn’t keep food frozen sufficiently, there could be health risks. Toronto Refrigeration does home and commercial repairs, so whether there’s a malfunction in a machine in your house or your place of work, we’re there for you.

Fixed Prices

Toronto Refrigeration always charges one fixed-rate for every job we do: $39.95. It doesn’t matter how complicated or involved the repair ends up being, the price will never increase. This avoids those unpleasant scenarios where you get quoted initially at one rate, but the final total is considerably higher.

Our pricing consistency complements our overall goal, which is to form long-term partnerships with our customers rather than make a quick buck. This way, whenever one of the machines you rely on stops working the way it should, you know who to call to get fast, efficient, and cost-effective repairs.

Modern living is ultra-comfortable, but you get reminded of how things used to be very quickly when a home appliance suddenly stops working. Be proactive and keep these machines in good working order by having them inspected and maintained regularly. Don’t hesitate to get in touch today if there’s a machine at your work or home that needs an inspection, general maintenance, or repairs.