Your Busy Restaurant Can’t Wait Around During A Rush For Dishwasher Repairs

If you work (or you’ve ever worked) in a busy restaurant, then you know how vital it is to have a highly competent, well-oiled dishwashing station to back up your waiters, hosts, and cooks. Small setbacks in the ‘dish pit’ can mean a total breakdown in food production and customer satisfaction — and can create an extremely tense, uncomfortable situation in many high-strung eateries! So when an accident, electrical or parts malfunction, or jam disables your commercial-grade dishwasher, you’ve got a major situation to deal with — and one that can’t be helped by doing all your dishes by hand!

Designed to accommodate much larger, greasier, and more heavy-duty loads than domestic, home-use washers, commercial-grade dishwashers are universal sights in the back of every busy kitchen. Their quick and efficient design can mean thousands of plates, bowls, and cups are processed throughout a busy shift. Conveyor, under-counter, door-type, glass, pot and pan, and other washers — including dish-tables — are often the hardest working machines in the entire restaurant, cafeteria, or mess hall. All major commercial foodservice operations depend upon them to get dishes, glassware, utensils, and cookery clean and ready for use.

They’re also major financial investments (large conveyor-style dishwashers can carry a price tag well over $40,000), so owners expect a high level of competency to reflect such a substantial investment of cash. When they break down, they’ll need to be repaired immediately: every minute lost adds to the tension, inefficiency, and inability to get food to paying customers. That’s why all professional establishments have a local appliance repair company on speed dial. For dishwasher repairs in Toronto and across the GTA, you want fast, same-day service from a company that will prioritize your call and make sure someone with the specialized, essential product knowledge arrives on time to service your machine.

The next time you encounter a problem with your trusty washer, have one of our expert repair teams over to repair your investments quickly, with upfront and honest pricing, and with courteous, polite service. Our licensed and certified repair personnel will treat your restaurant and kitchen like it was their own, and work extremely hard to make sure you can return to work and meet the next rush. Even if your dishwasher isn’t completely malfunctioning, we can also help you improve its effectiveness by inspecting strange noises, repairing water pumps and stopping wasteful, dangerous, or unsightly leaks, helping to tweak water temperatures, removing impediments to optimal usage, or just providing a more general tune-up to get your dishware spic and span and dazzlingly clean. Having crystal-clear glasses and grease-free utensils means better customer satisfaction and a feeling of cleanliness throughout your whole premises. We can work around your hours of operation, helping you get ready for another workweek on the weekend, during the evening, or early in the morning.

Stay on top of your kitchen by keeping your dishwashers in the best condition possible. Call Toronto Refrigeration now and let’s talk about how we can get things clean again!