The Big Thaw: Transitioning To Spring

As we make out way through the final bit of winter and the rainy, wildcard month of April, minds turn towards summer activities like Frisbee, camping and music festivals. Before the summer fun begins, however, we should all participate in the yearly tradition known as spring cleaning. As Toronto’s premier appliance repairs company, we wholeheartedly support your efforts to make your home a pristine sanctuary. The buildup of dust and other debris can be damaging to your fridge, your washer and dryer, and other essential appliances. When you make the decision to give your house a really good head to toe scrub down, you make the responsible choice for your appliances and also for your general peace of mind.

Spring Cleaning & Peace of Mind

While it is really good our put appliances to clean up the house thoroughly, it is also good for us psychologically. It’s been argued that because the human body is itself organized and symmetrical, we crave symmetry and neatness in our external surroundings as well. Studies show that people living in clean, well-organized houses are typically much healthier and less prone to heart disease than folks living in disorganized, less clean homes. If you have any doubts, just think about: when you clean your home and organize your belongings, you feel better calmer. Even the act of cleaning can have a positive effect, unless you’re completely fried from work. By getting all the dirt up out of the inside of your home, everything runs more smoothly: your appliances, your body and your mind.

Be Aware of Your Fridge’s Settings

With a change in temperature for the warmer, your fridge may have to work a little harder to keep your food safe and cool. Most people are blind to the settings dials on their fridges and freezes, but it is very helpful to remember these tools. If you’re having a lot of people over for drinks, for example, and your fridge is on a low setting, it’s going to take forever to cool those beers down. On the other hand, if your fridge is pretty much empty and the weather’s not too warm, you don’t have to crank your fridge to high; the same goes for freezers. If you have an older model that’s broken down, call our refrigerator repair experts in Toronto and we’ll provide same day service shockingly fast so that your food doesn’t spoil. If you just went shopping, your monthly food bill could depend on it! So don’t even hesitate, call right away.

Better Spring Living

Spring gives us the opportunity to throw wide the windows and take it all in. Between grilling, walking or biking to work and going to the park, you’ll have ample opportunity to go outside and take it all in. But first, make sure you sweep all the dust that’s built up in the winter out of your house. It will mean more efficient appliances less vulnerable to breaking down and thus, less need to employ our impeccable services, and an improved overall peace of mind. If you have any concerns regarding your appliances, call us today and book an appointment!