Arm Yourself With These Tricks & Be Your Family’s Hero

As the GTA’s dependable appliance repair service, we receive plenty of phone calls from desperate clients. From tiny malfunctions that can be fixed within minutes to those projects that demand hours of careful attention, our team of certified technicians have to be prepared for anything whenever you need help. That’s why our technicians are available 24/7. They won’t quit until they fix the problem, whether that take only a moment or a whole night.

As we continue to serve the GTA, we realize that a lot of the calls that we receive follow a pattern, especially when regarding washers and dryers. More often than not, the issues that prompt our clients to get in touch are due to malfunctions that can easily be prevented. With just a little bit of TLC and patience, you can keep these appliances in their best shape, which in turn will keep them running smoothly and efficiently for years to come.

Our technicians are always surprised to find out that our clients have thrown out the owner’s manual of their appliances. These came with your washer and dryer for a reason, as they hold countless helpful tips and recommendations for everyday use and cleaning. Within these booklets, you’ll also find useful advice on which settings to use for particular fabrics, ensuring your clothes are as clean as possible after a cycle. In addition to informing you how to use both of these appliances properly and efficiently, you can also be better prepared for when things go wrong by giving these pamphlets a quick once over.

A lot of the time, for your washing machine, the ‘wrong’ can sound worse than it is. Loud noises issuing from your washer doesn’t have to mean it stems from a serious problem. It can simply be a case that the legs of the machine are unequal. With the help of a family member, you can level out the machine to stop the sounds from happening. If that doesn’t work, it’s still no cause for alarm. Sometimes a loud washer is merely a case of an overloaded basin. While it can seem like you’re cutting time by filling your washer with as much clothing as possible, it can eventually lead to some serious damage. Overloaded washers put extra stress on the motors, belts, and rollers that are involved in its mechanics. The added stress can eventually lead to one of these things breaking, which is when you truly need our help.

It’s inadvertent damage that is most often the cause of issues affecting the efficiency of your appliances. The best way to avoid becoming the reason why you call us in the first place is to take your time and be gentle with your machines. Little things that won’t take up too much of your time will save you and your appliances in the long wrong. Taking the time to clean out your lint trap is as important as loading your washer under its capacity limits. When you incorporate these habits into your everyday life, you can seem like hero to your family, a veritable appliance whisperer!

But if you find that even with careful handling and common sense you’re still encountering problems with your washer and dryer, don’t hesitate to call us. With just a click or simple phone call, you can get in touch with a friendly representative who will send a licensed technician to your home.