Your Appliance Guide For The Holidays

For those of you keeping track, there aren’t many days left in your advent calendar. As it stands, the preparation for the holidays have kicked into high gear. We here at Toronto Refrigeration want to extend our best wishes for your holidays as a thank you for another great year together. We’ve managed to solve a lot of Toronto’s appliance-based problems over the last 12 months, and we want to remind you we’ll continue you to be there for anything that comes your way in 2017 — or anything sooner, too.

It’s right about now that a lot of the city is feeling the stress of the season settle in as we stock up our fridges and await the arrival of guests. For many of us, it’s simply a waiting game until friends and family start calling. If you’re anything like our crew, you’ll be entertaining a full house this year. From past experience, we know that these guests can test more than your patience. Your social holiday can put a strain on the appliances in your home.

The holidays rely on your home, from the turkey basting in your oven and cranberry sauce bubbling on your stove to the drinks cooling in your fridge and the leftovers chilling in your freezer. You can’t let something like a simple malfunction in any of these appliances ruin your holidays. That’s just as daft as opening your door to family and friends only to realize your furnace isn’t working. Since we’re finally expecting a White Christmas this year, with freezing temperatures to matching, you need to make sure your heater is up to the task of keeping your guests warm.

A quick call out to our offices in the lead up to the holidays is an easy way to ensure your appliances are ready for whatever the holidays have in store. We can arrange a quick and affordable maintenance check on any questionable fridge, oven, or furnace you don’t think is up for the job. But just in case you don’t spot the warning signs in time, we’re available 24/7 throughout the holidays. One of our expert repair technicians is ready on the big day, just in case your oven stops working while your turkey’s still thawing in the sink.

Don’t let a naughty oven, fridge, or furnace put a wrench in your festivities. Let us know as soon as you spot a problem, and we’ll make sure you’re ready to celebrate in no time. The holidays are an important time of the year, regardless of what you’re celebrating. Let us help you make the most of the season and keep our number at hand just in case!