It’s Not You, It’s Your Appliance: When Bad Ice Ruins Beverages

Nothing is more refreshing than a huge glass of ice water after a long day working out in the yard, right? Not if your ice cubes taste strange. Foetid ice can ruin your drink, imparting its foul flavour to your water, juice, or refreshment of choice. If you’ve noticed your drinks taste fusty because of ice, you’re not a failure in the kitchen botching something as simple as an ice cube. Bad tasting ice can be blamed on your refrigerator-freezer unit.

Many people don’t realize that ice can go stale. When left for long periods, it can pick up the odours of your freezer. From an improperly wrapped steak to mildew growing in your unit, these flavours can and will be absorbed by ice that’s been sitting for a significant amount of time. If you can’t remember the last time ice was made, then it’s best that you dump the cubes currently sitting in your freezer and start over.

But before you make more, you should strip your freezer of any odours that could be contaminating your ice. Sometimes, all it needs is a good clean. Remove everything from your freezer (working quickly so nothing has the chance to thaw) and wipe down the interior compartment with warm, soapy water and a cloth. For stubborn spills or stains, don’t reach for the bleach or ammonia, as these harsh chemicals can damage your freezer. Use warm water and baking soda to rid the compartment of grime build-up. Next, turn to your ice cube container, washing it thoroughly by hand with soap and water, being sure to rinse it well. It also doesn’t hurt to place an opened package of baking soda to absorb any new odours as your repack your freezer.

Once your freezer is clean, inspect the food you return to its compartment. Make sure everything has been wrapped and packed properly, with no holes or openings for odours to leak through and defeat the purpose of cleaning. You should also check the dates on all packages. Prepared foods should come with helpful expiry dates that you should respect. Anything you preserved on your own (like leftovers or extra meat bought in bulk) has its own shelf life that depends on when you froze it. You can find useful freezer guides online to help you determine whether or not your food is too old. If you’re not sure when you bought anything, the saying “better safe than sorry” applies. As difficult as it is to see food go to waste, you should throw out anything past the suggested use-by date. It’s not just a matter of foul tasting ice; expired food can affect your health.

If, after your cleaning overhaul, you still find that your ice cubes taste strange, it could be an issue with your water filtration system. Refrigerator water filtration system filters eventually need to be replaced. On average, they need replacement every 6 months but can follow a shorter time frame if you use yours frequently. Your fridge may also have a built-in water filtration system or in-line filter hookup to where your water line leads to the fridge that needs maintenance. At this point, we suggest it’s time that you abandon the DIY fix-it attempts and call the professionals. Our certified team of repair technicians can make short work of your fridge’s water filtration systems, repairing and replacing where necessary.

After a thorough check from one of our expert repair technicians, you’re fridge and freezer will be back to running normally. The ice you make will taste the way it’s supposed – like barely anything at all – so you can get back to enjoying water, smoothies, and cocktails with as much ice as you want. Don’t waste another beverage due to foul tasting ice. Give us a call today and get your ice making back on track!