5 Tips To Maximize Your A/C Efficiency

Here at Toronto Refrigeration, we offer a wide array of services. When restaurateurs have a problem with their refrigeration, we’re the first people they call – after all, we are the most reputable commercial fridge repair experts in the city of Toronto. Additionally, we fix fridges in personal homes, washing machines, dishwashers, pretty much any major home appliance. In the summer, however, we get the most calls from people in distress over their broken air-conditioning units. It may be a short summer here in the GTA, but the days can be scorching hot and extremely uncomfortable.

If you need help fixing your AC this summer season, we’re definitely the folks to call – in the meantime, here’s a series of hot tips to keep you cool this summer:

Form a Seal: If you have a window unit or one of those units that looks like R2D2 and reaches outside with a hose, make sure that you form a seal on the window in question so that warm air isn’t leaking into your apartment. It’s tempting to just wedge an A/C unit into the window, but you will suffer a steep energy bill as a result. Most window units come with an apparatus that allows you to form a seal, and if not you can always use cardboard from the recycling bin.

Make Sure Your Vents Are Clean & Clear: If you have central air, make sure that your vents are clean. You will need to hire someone to perform this cleaning, but ultimately you will save on your energy bill. Also make sure that no furniture is blocking the air ducts: there’s no need to cool down the bottom of your couch all summer.

Close Your Drapes: Natural light is beautiful, no doubt, but if you’re out for the day you might want to slide those drapes closed to prevent the sun’s rays from turning your living room into a sauna. It will allow your home to cool down more easily when you return from work.   

Open Your Windows When It Cools Off: On the other hand, be sure to open the drapes and windows on cool evenings to let in that sweet summer air. This will allow for good ventilation and a breath of fresh air. Plus, it’ll give your A/C a much needed break.

Minimize Preheating Time: Many people will turn their oven on half an hour before they need to use it. This is inefficient and wasteful – most ovens will hit their desired temperature in five to ten minutes. Don’t make your A/C unit battle your oven for control of the climate in your kitchen, use common sense.   

When you need an appliance repaired in Toronto and the GTA, call us up. We work on condensers, replace filters, fix fridges and so much more. It’s worth scrolling through our website to familiarize yourself with all of the services we provide, so that you’re never at a loss when one of your main appliances goes down. In the sweltering heat of the summer, it can be overwhelming to lose power to your fridge or A/C – but don’t panic, call Toronto Refrigeration!