5 Things To Consider Before Buying A New Fridge

As Toronto and the GTA’s premier appliance repair, the Toronto Refrigeration team know that with regular maintenance and well-timed repair work, your household appliances have a long and efficient life ahead of them.

That doesn’t mean they’re immortal. Every appliance has a lifespan. The harder it has to work during its life will shorten this time considerably. Parts will breakdown, and it will take more energy to operate. Maintenance and repair will only stave off the inevitable for a few weeks or months. Eventually, it will breakdown in ways that will cost more to fix than to replace out outright. That is — if you didn’t already replace it because of the spike in utilities it causes.

Before you purchase a new fridge to replace the old one, we have a list of 5 things for you to consider. These tips and tricks can help you find a brand new appliance that works well in your home.

  1. Measure The Space

There are a lot of different kinds of refrigerators and each model, style, and brand has its own dimensions. While you may dream of having a large French door appliance, it may be an unrealistic addition to your kitchen. Make sure you measure the space thoroughly before you go shopping. It doesn’t hurt to measure it multiple times to ensure each figure is accurate. Keep these numbers handy when you go shopping.

  1. Think About The Door

It’s not just the space that the fridge will slot into but the space before and around it that you’ll have to consider. There are a lot of models that require the doors opened 90 degrees before you can access the crisper bins.

  1. Understand the Need For Ventilation

It may feel like destiny to find a fridge that fits your space perfectly, but it’s actually a disaster in the making. Every appliance needs room to breathe. If your refrigerator is pressed up against the wall and counters without space for ventilation, it can overheat and breakdown quickly. Remember to add on at least 1 inch to your measurements to avoid this fate.

  1. Remember You Have To Move It

Don’t put away that measuring tape just yet. You’ll need to determine the size of every door and hallway between your kitchen and the outdoors. Trust us when you don’t want to get the fridge home only to realize it can’t fit through your front door.

  1. Give us a call

Before you drop anywhere between $300 and $10,000 on a new fridge, give us a call. We can make a quick visit to ensure your fridge is actually in need of replacement. Sometimes, our fridge repair technicians can spot an easily replaced part that can prolong the life of this appliance, so you can put off replacing it for another few years. If not, then our visit won’t delay your hunt for a new fridge, as we can be scheduled around the clock for 24-hour service repair.

This list is relatively simple, but it can go a long way to simplifying your shopping trip. Keep your measuring tape handy, respect the basic size and ventilation needs of your fridge, and remember to call up the fridge service Toronto homeowners trust before you give your old fridge its last rites.