3 Ways to Maintain Your A/C before the Weather Gets Warm

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With a Canadian winter still fresh in your memory, it’s natural that the very last thing on your mind right now is your air conditioner! You’ve probably had more than enough cold air lately. You want your home to be comfortable as soon as that temperature begins to rise, so spring is actually the perfect time to make sure your A/C is working.

Here are three things you can do to make sure your air conditioning unit is in good working order by the time summer comes around.

Call The Specialists

Of course, it’s perfectly fine if you aren’t very handy and would rather hire someone to repair or inspect their A/C unit rather than risk making a damaging mistake. Call Toronto Refrigeration when you need true appliance repair experts because you lack the confidence or experience to try maintaining your A/C unit yourself.

We are skilled and trained technicians with years of experience repairing these complex machines. A DIY attitude is a commendable thing to have but know your limits. We are the Toronto appliance repair experts offering both affordable rates and same-day service.

We have the expertise to get the job done properly. If you’re concerned about the way your air conditioner is running, or suspect it needs an inspection, don’t hesitate to call Toronto Refrigeration this spring, so you can stay cool this summer.

Clean Your A/C’s Filter

This isn’t a very complicated or technical fix, but it’s important to do. You should clean the filter in your A/C every thirty days or so. If you have pets, do it even more frequently.

The filter is designed to keep the components inside the air conditioner clean, so it’s natural that over time they accumulate a huge build-up of dirt, pathogens, and allergens. Not only does cleaning the filter allow air to circulate better inside the appliance, improving its performance, but it makes the air inside your home cleaner to breathe. You don’t want that guck filling your lungs!

Cleaning the filter in your air conditioner is easy. First, turn off your air conditioner. Next, dislodge the filters. You’ll probably need a screwdriver for this. Then, remove the filter. If you see rips or snags, replace it altogether. But if not, just use a vacuum on the filter. Be careful not to damage the filter, or you’ll have to replace it.

Clear the Area Around the Condenser Unit

Your A/C condenser unit is probably located outside the home, and the surrounding debris or grass threatens to block the airflow of the condenser unit. In just the way that it’s important to clean the filter in your air conditioner, so it’s important to clear the area around the condenser unit.

Doing intensive repairs on home appliances is best left to properly trained and certified professionals, but it’s good to know a couple of basic ways to keep your air conditioner in optimal condition. If you clean the filters and clear the area outside your A/C unit, that’s enough to get some improved performance from it. If you have any doubts about your ability to fix your A/C on your own, just call Toronto Refrigeration, because we’re here to help make sure that your home feels cool before the summer heat really kicks in.