3 Ways To Get Make The Most Of Your Winter Utility Bill

winter hydro bill

With winter on the horizon, temperatures are rapidly dropping in the fair city of Toronto. It’s becoming quickly apparent that the upcoming cold season will be unrelenting in its ability to freeze the exterior of our homes.

The windy, wet nights we’ve seen recently are simply a sample of what’s on its way. We should be expected a lot of frosted windows.

Unfortunately, we’ve already reached a point at which we’re cranking our thermostats, just to stave off the shivers of a dark autumn night. Indeed, we’re really working our home’s heating systems, and we haven’t even got to the thick of the wintery weather yet.

Even though it seems like just yesterday that we were fixing our A/C units and ordering in some local fridge repair services over the summer holidays, it’s already come down to the time of year when abusing our home’s heating mechanisms is the standard.

This kind of response to the cold certainly comes at a cost, one that will only increase if we aren’t careful. With hydro and gas bills skyrocketing, it’s important to strategize how we treat our heaters. The following will outline a few ways you can save money while nevertheless staying warm. With these tips in mind, you’ll quickly realize that basic comfort doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive.

winter hydro bill



  1. Undertake Annual Maintenance On Your Heating Systems

Even if your central heating unit appears to be up and running, it never hurt anyone to double check well in advance of the wintery weather. By calling up our Toronto appliance repair experts to make an inquiry, you can potentially save yourself a lot of money, as well as the trouble of being stuck with a broken unit all of a sudden. 

  1. Make Repairs Immediately

If you notice a problem, it’ll likely only get worse with the passing of time. If you’re a handy person, then make sure you have the right tools on hand, as well as an online tutorial to guide you. If you’re unsure of the job and your capacities wielding tools, call a Toronto Refrigeration expert – it’s not worth the risk when your home’s heating is at stake.

If you mess up the job on your own and have to call in a professional, the repair will likely be even more expensive than it would have been initially. With that additional cost you brought on yourself, you’ll have broken a sweat for all the wrong reasons.

  1. Seek Alternative Heating Solutions

Energy efficient windows are windows that make use of multiple panes of glass – typically double or triple panes – in order to prevent heat from spilling out of your home and to stop the cold from getting in.

If you don’t have windows with various layers of glass, it’s likely that you’re losing a vulgar amount of heat with each passing moment. Replacing your windows, in other words, means you don’t need to crank the thermostat up to its highest setting.

If new windows aren’t in your budget, you can look into specialty curtains or even window treatments. The former creates a covering via thick fabrics, patterns, and weaving methods. Think of it is a black-out curtain, but for temperatures, as opposed to light. Cellular shades, wooden shutters, and roman shades are ideal for this kind of protection.

Window treatments, on the other hand, create an additional layer between your home and the great outdoors on the actual window pane. Alternatively, you can use clear plastic to create a pocket of warm air between glass and room.

Whether you want to repair your air conditioner before winter’s end, or you’re happy to address problems in the present, we’ve got your back. Toronto Refrigeration’s skilled technicians are poised to make your home inhabitable and sustainable, in terms of both cost and comfort.