3 Tips To Keep Your Refrigerator Running Like A Dream

You know that old joke that goes like this:

Q: Is your refrigerator running?

A: Yeah…

Q: Well then you’d better go and catch it!

Well, most of us would like to think that our refrigerators are running (if not in this literal sense), and hopefully running well. Most people assume that fridges will run more or less the same, whether or not they take care of it, but this is very rarely true. We’ve been specializing in appliance repair in Toronto for many years, and we can always tell whether or not someone’s been taking care of their fridge. After a certain amount of time has elapsed (usually about twenty years), your fridge may stop running and permanently stop working, but in that twenty-year lifespan, there’s quite a lot you can do to get the best performance out of it, save on electricity and keep your food fresh and your drinks cold.

The better job you do keeping your fridge in good working order, the easier it will for us to do our jobs. Taken to extremes, fussing over your fridge can be unhealthy, and it’s certainly important to know when to call it quits – a new fridge may be three times more efficient than an old broken down one – but in the prime of your fridge’s life, there are a couple things you can do to maximize its potential. The purpose of this list is to help you keep your fridge running well:

  1. Check the Seal – Your refrigerators seal can deteriorate over time, causing the cold to leak out and costing you money on your energy bill. Place a piece of paper in the fridge door and close it, if the paper falls down you’ll need to get your seal replaced. Replacement seals can be ordered online; if you’re unsure of anything we’re here to help you, so give us a call.
  1. Vacuum the Vents and Coils – While this is literally the most basic thing you can do to keep your fridge running well, you’d be surprised how many people don’t bother doing it. When you’re doing your weekly (or maybe monthly, if you’re a bachelor!) cleaning, just take your dirt devil and suck the dust off those vents and coils. This will make everything run smoother and keep your fridge from dying a premature death. Many of the calls we get are because of coils that have basically become mummified because they’ve never been cleaned. What a shame!
  1. Keep It Clean – Keeping your fridge clean will make you feel good and it will allow your most used appliance to do its work unencumbered. While baking soda and special odour killers can be implemented, the best way to keep bad smells out of your fridge is by throwing out the crap in there that you do not need. Keeping a clean fridge will make you happy every time you open the door, plus you won’t have to look at those gross, old leftovers anymore!  

If you need to repair your fridge in Toronto or the GTA, you know who to call (hint: it’s not Ghostbusters). Follow these guidelines as best you can, and if you run into more serious trouble, contact one of our technicians!