3 Surefire Ways To Improve Your Winter

With the winter solstice behind us, we’re moving towards longer days, and eventually spring. However, with the Christmas party season of December behind us, winter can feel a bit depressing – especially if you don’t get a chance to head somewhere hot for a couple weeks. Thus, as we work our way slowly towards milder, more forgiving seasons, we need to pull together and come up with ways to make the winter more bearable. Toronto Refrigeration appliance repairs has always been based in the GTA, which means we’re no strangers to harsh winters. Over the years, we’ve picked up our fair share of tricks for getting through the winter with our sanity intact, and while it seems like the simplest thing in the world, sometimes having your appliances run smoothly plays a big part in this process!

Below are three indispensable appliance related tips that will make your winter better, we promise!

  1. Batch Cooking: If you love to cook, then you know that the winter is an amazing time for making stews, soups and pastas. Not only do these types of hot, hearty foods help to insulate you against the cold, they can also be stretched out over a few days to minimize the amount of time you have to spend preparing food. Whether you’re a bachelor or a mother of four, cooking up massive batches of sweet potato soup or chicken stew is a great way to free up some of your time for other important activities, like taking a hot bath! Of course, you’ll want to keep your fridge nice and clean and running well to store all that soup, and if it needs a little tune up, our appliance repair experts will be on the spot with a helping hand in a jiffy!

  1. Give That Stove a Workout: To continue with the theme of cooking, another great winter cooking tip is to load meat and potatoes into the oven simultaneously and cook them at the same time. This takes care of two dishes at once and you can easily throw together a salad or steam some vegetables to round out the meal! A great meal in this vein is roasted chicken with sweet potatoes. Season your sweet potatoes with cinnamon, paprika and coconut oil to make them extra delicious, and you can save the chicken carcass to make up some soup stock! If your oven gets a ton of use in the winter and suddenly gives out from overuse, we can fix your stove no problem!
  1. Get The Most Out of Your Furnace: As we’ve slipped into the chill of winter, we’ve certainly offered a good deal of advice of how to best conserve heat in your home. We’ll try and consolidate some of that knowledge here: make sure there is no furniture blocking your heating vents, as they will absorb all the precious heat. Thick curtains are great for conserving heat at night, but remember to open them up during the day to let the natural sunlight heat the house. We’re always willing to take a look at your antique furnace and extend its life, but if it’s time to retire it, we recommend looking at the new energy efficient models, which are environmentally friendly!