3 Basic Home Appliance Tips

Managing a household can be difficult, especially if you have a large family. When a crucial appliance breaks it can feel downright impossible. That’s why we provide fast appliance repair services for families in Toronto and the GTA – we know how valuable your time is and we want to help ensure that you can get back to normalcy ASAP when something breaks in your household.

One of the reasons our business has found success over the years is that we hire friendly, talented technicians and train them up for top-tier customer service and quick response times. Our workers know the city like the back of their hand and can get from Toronto Refrigeration HQ to your home in a flash. An appliance repair company is nothing without competent repair people, so we make sure that our technicians are friendly and up to any challenge.

When any of our repair people come to fix your fridge, you can always have them walk you through the procedure and offer up tips to better maintain your stovetop, fridge, dishwasher, etc., etc. While there are some problems you can’t fix on your own, between visits from our appliance repair team, you can always do a little bit of home maintenance yourself to get the most out of your appliances and keep your power bill reasonable.

Without further ado, here are a few basic home appliance tips to keep the repairman away – or at least hold him off for a little bit:

Dusting the Coils:

This is a big one, and we cannot say it often enough: when you’re cleaning the kitchen, regularly vacuum or dust the coils to make sure they can remove heat from the fridge efficiently. If you allow dusk and gunk to build up on your coils, it severely limits your fridge’s ability to do its job. Furthermore, it causes the compressor the get hotter and work harder than it should, limiting its efficiency as well as its lifespan. You can also clean or replace the rubber gaskets on your door to make sure that the fridge is sealed properly. Just because your fridge is working, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s working to its full potential – show it some love and see how well it co-operates! When you need fridge repair services in Toronto and the GTA, you should always call Toronto Refrigeration for quickest response time and best results.

Keep That Stovetop Clean

An electric stove should last at least thirteen years – more if you treat it right. If it’s a fancy modern glass-top stove, then you can easily wipe it down a couple times a week with glass cleaner and a sturdy rag. The old-school coil units are a little trickier: you’ve got to take the stove-top apart and get under there! Fortunately, this means you can wash and dry the coils separately, which makes things a bit easier and your stove should run like a dream!

Clean That A/C Filter!

Once the summer months hit and that A/C is getting a serious workout, you need to remember to clean the filter once every couple of weeks – once a week if you have a pet or suffer from allergies. This is not such an intense commitment and it’s also very easy: wash your filter screen in the sink and let it dry; very simple.