2 Ways To Stay Cool In A Hot City

While it’s true we tend to complain about the horrible winter conditions that are part and parcel of Toronto living, the summers are often just as bad. Sometimes, we forget that the discomfort of a sweat-drenched shirt can be avoided by taking a few precautionary steps. The following will outline simple methods of staying cool will living in a sun-kissed city.

Stay Out Of The Sun – Relax At Home

If you’re more prone to staying indoors and enjoying all your living room has to offer, then you should make the most of what you’ve got when it comes to appliances. There are plenty of ways to keep cool from the comfort of your own home, with or without AC. The first thing to keep in mind is that hydration is always a must.

However, nobody likes lukewarm tap water, so it might be time to crack out that pitcher of filtered water, or even ice-cold lemonade if you’re feeling particularly parched. This, of course, requires that your refrigerator be in top-notch, working condition. Luckily, when life gives you lemons – like a faulty appliance – there are always plenty of options when it comes to contacting expert repair technicians, if or when you do need a fridge repaired in Toronto on the fly.

Beyond the need for fridge maintenance, there is, of course, air conditioning. If you are lucky enough to have an A/C unit that is fully-functioning, be sure to take good care of it and don’t force it to do too much work over the course of the hotter months. There are ways that you can give it a break while still staying cool. By keep keeping your windows shut (to avoid letting the hot air in and cold air out) and your blinds closed (to block out the sun), you won’t need to have it running on high all the time. While your hydro bill will be dependent on how often you keep it running, so too will the health of your machine be determined by over-usage – faulty A/C units could add an additional $100 to your monthly electricity bill, as it stands. After a long day spent in the summertime smog, it’s always nice to dry the sweat off one’s brow beside a nice, frosty AC unit, but it’s still important to use these technologies in reasonable ways. This kind of summertime recreation is all the more relaxing with the knowledge that a machine in good standing isn’t using excess energy. If all else fails, you can open and close your windows in ways that benefit you, or just switch to a fan.

Go Out And Have A Cool Adventure

Sometimes, the need for appliance repair in Toronto can prod people to leave the house and go on a bit of a citywide crawl in search of the best available cool down methods – that is, if you’ve called a company that’s given you an unexpectedly long timeline. During these wait times, there are many ways to keep cool by making use of free A/C.

The Toronto Public Library is one of the few remaining indoor places where you can take up space for hours at a time without being considered a loiterer. Otherwise, you might try a movie theatre or extensive store browsing at a mall, if artificially-cooled air is what you’re desperate for. Otherwise, many parks have waterworks that are operational on specific days; public pools are also a good way to enjoy the sun while still feeling refreshed.

However, if what you’re looking for is prompt, efficient, and reliable appliance repair – so you can avoid going outdoors, altogether – you can contact us anytime for a free estimate and before you know it, you’ll have the privilege of getting to know some of our repair technicians, whose skills you’ll surely love.