Our Top Laundry Hacks

In the interest of saving you time, money, and frustration, we want to share with you some of our favourite laundry hacks that will make your life easier. By adopting these simple, inexpensive hacks (or techniques, for those of you aren’t familiar with this particular turn of phrase), you can get your clothes cleaner faster. Keep reading to make your washer and dryer the most efficient appliances in your house!

Clean Machine Regime
This shouldn’t come as news to any of our regular readers, but one of our most important laundry hacks keeping your washer clean. It’s a simple way to ensure you appliance is running as it should without any gross odours. Cleaning it doesn’t have to be as regular as other chores, so don’t worry about the amount of time this will take. Once or twice a year should suffice in preventing your washer from smelling. All you need are a few household materials and a bit of elbow grease. Mix vinegar, water, and baking soda into your machine and set the machine for a normal load – but don’t add any clothes. Once the baking soda and vinegar start to interact, they will break down any mineral deposits or mould that could be living in your appliance. If there is any stubborn leftover residue, grab a clean sponge and wipe down the inside of your machine.

Hang it Out to Dry
Now that we’re closer to summer than we are to winter, the time of the clothes line is upon is. We admit, hanging out your laundry won’t necessarily save you time – clipping your clothes to a line or drying rack takes a few more minutes than just throwing everything into the dryer – but it will save you money. If you spend the entire summer hanging out your laundry to dry, you can save up to 50 cents per load, with annual savings of $260! Plus, your clothes will never shrink and never get wrinkled.

Skip Dryer Sheets
For the rest of the year, the GTA sees conditions that aren’t conducive to hanging laundry on the line. When the weather is too cold, and you’re forced to dry by machine, don’t throw in a dryer sheet with your load. You can use a small piece of tin foil (scrunched up into a ball) instead. It will reduce the amount of static in your clothes just like a dryer sheet but with none of the waste. One ball of tin foil can be used for up to 6 months! If you find yourself missing that fresh dryer sheet smell, you can always soak a small hand towel in your favourite fabric softener. Once it’s dry, you can toss into your dryer with your clothes. It lasts for as many as 50 loads before you need to re-soak.

Drop Harsh Chemicals
Ever wonder what you’re putting into your washer (and therefore the water supply)? A lot of the cleaners you can pick up at the grocery store are filled with chemicals and parabens that aren’t good for the environment. Luckily, there’s a cheaper, more natural alternative that can remove stains, refresh clothes, and brighten whites – and you can find it in your kitchen! Simple white vinegar can take on your toughest stains and dirtiest fabrics better than any product on the shelf.

These are just a handful of our favourite laundry hacks that we think would be easy to introduce into your regular routine, but there are plenty more where they came from. Let us know if any of these hacks improve your appliances’ efficiency. If you don’t notice an improvement with your washer or dryer, of if you notice anything unusual with your appliances, get in touch. Whether it’s your washer or your dryer that needs repairs, one of our expert appliance repair technicians will come out and provide an efficient and reliable fix to your problems.