Old-Fashioned Ways to Keep Cool This Summer

staying cool in the summer tips

We’ve all gotten used to relying on technology to keep cool during summer, and for good reason: modern air conditioning keeps us comfortable indoors effortlessly, no matter how hot it is outside. How did people stay cool before electricity? It was a struggle, but it wasn’t impossible.

Toronto Refrigeration has repair services specifically designed to make keeping your home appliances working easy, stress-free and affordable. But knowing old-fashioned, low-tech ways to keep cool amid serious heat can be practical and fascinating. Maybe you’re somewhere remote, or there’s a power outage, or perhaps you’re just curious about how people kept cool before technology was so ubiquitous — whatever your interest, read on to get some tech-free ways to keep cool.

Lower Your Body Temperature with Drinks

There are ways to lower the temperature of your body without lowering the temperature of the entire room. Cultures in hot climates have special drinks designed to make you feel cool, such as “nimbu paani,” which is basically Indian lemon aid. It’s made with lemon or lime, ginger juice, ice and water, then flavoured with mint, roast cumin powder, and black salt.

The drink may itself be cold but that isn’t the only thing that cools you; ingredients like black salt and cumin help regulate body temperature. They also taste delicious! This drink is popular all over South Asia, where summers can be scorching and many regions do not have electricity.

Shield the Sun

Be strategical about how to block out the sun’s heat from the space you’re trying to cool down. This is a great way to keep your cool this summer which doesn’t involve consuming any electrical power. Thick drapes and blinds are your friends! Follow the sun as it circles, going room to room to block its rays from heating up your home by covering up the windows.

Homes in hot climates built before air conditioning often had extra high ceilings, so the heat could remain safely at the top of the room, and the air below felt relatively cooler.

If you’re outside, look for trees with broad and thick coverage. When looking to cool down outside, seek out the shade!

Use Water

Drinking water isn’t the only way the liquid can be used to cool you down. Wearing a soaked bandana lowers your temperature, and of course there’s nothing more instantly refreshing than jumping into a body of water.

You can also make a DIY air conditioner unit with ice and a motorized fan. Cut the ends off two plastic soda bottles and punch holes in the side, then fill them up with ice and fasten them to a motorized fan. The ice will cool down the air circulated by the fan.

There is no substitute for a properly air conditioned home: a fully-functioning A/C system is simply the most comprehensive solution for total comfort during even the hottest temperatures. When you dodge heat waves with A/C repair you’ll feel as if the blazing sun is merely emanating light, not heat. There’s no better way to effortlessly regulate your home’s temperature and keep comfortable during the summer. You should make sure yours works perfectly, so contact us today for any repairs you may need. Alternative methods of cooling down are nice to know, but there’s a reason people today rely on a modern A/C system when the heat gets truly fierce.