Cooling Your Home, Then and Now

cooling home tips

Modern society has become so accustomed to having advanced home appliances and technology that sometimes it can be difficult to imagine life without them. Have you ever wondered what it would be like, spending a summer without a working air conditioner?

It could be a frightening thought, especially when you consider that temperatures are on the rise due to climate change, and we’re experiencing extreme weather events with more and more regularity.

You should be sure to read this and then consider all the ways that having working home appliances such as A/C, a fridge and freezer to cool down your home your food is essential this summer.

Historical Ways to Cool the Home

It’ll be harder for you to take for granted how efficiently and effortlessly modern air conditioners cool down your home, after you consider how difficult it used to be.

In the past, people have had to use some low-tech methods to keep the sun out. Drawing the blinds is one simple but important solution. Along the same lines, homes built before modern A/C were commonly built to harness the power of nature to keep things cool, such as building large awnings by the outside of windows or planting trees near the home to absorb the sun’s heat. Growing vines along the house accomplished the same thing, too.

If you can’t keep the heat out of the house, there are ways to keep it away from people. In the Southern United States, luxurious homes used to be built with extra high ceilings, so the warm air would rise comfortably above the heads of the people in the room.

Especially in countries with hot climates, one way to cool the home down was to actually take the cooking outside — barbequing is still popular around the world, and even today it’s not uncommon in countries like India to see homes with outdoor kitchens. Rather than cool down the room that gets the hottest, it was simpler to build the room outdoors.

Contemporary Ways to Keep Your Home Cool

Today’s modern technology means that you don’t need to design your home to be cool in summer, you can get your appliances repaired today if they’re not working properly, and your home will simply be comfortable no matter how it’s designed.

Whether your home uses central air or a window A/C system, this new equipment has liberated us from the need of having to utilize the natural world around us to keep cool. Whereas trees and foliage are a natural way to absorb heat, now we can regulate the temperature of our homes on our phones.

What We Deliver

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