Always Know The Price Before Work Commences

For savvy shoppers, when we hear about a deal that sounds “too good to be true,” our gut instincts are usually right. Today’s consumers are constantly hit with hidden fees and costs that suddenly make that awesome advertised price not the kind of bargain it claims to be.

A look at every consumer product and service today shows just how common hidden costs are, and how we’ve quietly acquiesced to them as a natural part of life. Grocery stores sell products in smaller and smaller packages, but with the prices staying the same — or going up! Banks constantly increase wire transfer, overdraft, and ATM fees, and charge us more for e-payments and smartphone deposits. Cell phone providers add on ridiculous fees for terminating contracts, dinging customers for long distance, overused texts, and excess Internet usage. When it comes to termination, repairs, and other issues, cable companies do the same thing. And if you’ve taken a flight or trip via train lately, you’ll know that your ticket price just keeps climbing the further along you get in your transaction, and as soon as one small adjustment is made to your ticket, you’re paying a bundle. Checking into a hotel or spa? Good luck!

The same thing goes with many at-home repair and maintenance companies — the construction, plumbing, electrical, and appliance repair industries are rife with organizations that sneak on fees and charges (all ‘routine,’ they’ll tell you, and all ‘absolutely necessary’) to the end of every completed task. It’s strange how often an obscure (and expensive) part will suddenly become essential to complete the repair about halfway through. As these charge-happy teams arrive on the scene, assess the situation, and tell you a price, they’re also charging you for their presence! Other repair companies establish an hourly rate of pay, which logically means that the longer an employee spends working on your appliances, the more money they’ll make. And that puts you in a very bad position indeed.

That’s why you should only ever employ the services of a company that provides a guaranteed rate before they begin any repairs. Honest, upfront pricing means employees will hard to meet your expectations and complete each task with thoroughness and care, but they’ll also move quickly, knowing that the longer they spend on any one job, the less time they’ll have to answer other calls. If your appliance problem happens to fall on a weekend or holiday, you also shouldn’t have to pay extra just for the luxury of weekend labour. Same-day service shouldn’t come with a juicy add-on to the price, either — but given the types of unprofessional, shady businesses out there, some people simply assume those are the norms.

If you’re in search of a Toronto appliance repair company that’s actually honest with their pricing, then look no further than Toronto Refrigeration! Our technicians offer same-day service on holidays and weekends, but never charge you extra for it. Each time we attend to a repair, we’ll give you a direct, unchanging quote, and you won’t have to pay one extra cent beyond what we promise. It’s all part of our upfront pricing guarantee, and it’s our way of fighting back against the age of hidden fees and extra charges.

So simply call or email today and let our honest experts get to work!