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Use Your Dryer Properly To Get Your Clothes Wrinkle Free

26 Mar 2015 Dryer Repair No Comments

One thing’s for sure: ironing isn’t the most enjoyable chore in the world. Not everyone has the patience or time to do it right, so they look for help elsewhere. But relying on a maid service or a dry cleaner to get your professional apparel steamed and ironed can be

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This Spring, Clean Your Home’s Air With Furnace (And Filter) Maintenance

23 Mar 2015 Uncategorized No Comments

With the snow melting and temperatures steadily rising, it looks like spring has once again returned to the GTA. With the lengthening days and much more tolerable weather, many Torontonians like to roll up their sleeves and get to work on some satisfying spring-cleaning. So if you’re committed to an

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What To Look Out For In An Appliance Repair Specialist

25 Feb 2015 Uncategorized No Comments

Finding a great repair service can be tricky, but it certainly doesn’t have to be! Look for these top qualities when searching for a reliable, inexpensive, and timely company, and you’ll never stress about a burnt-out appliance again! When you need expert service, it pays to hire a company that has

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How You Can Avoid Most Frequent Washer And Dryer Repair Calls

19 Feb 2015 Washer Repair No Comments

We’re used to attending to a whole bunch of different appliance malfunctions, from major projects that require a great deal of attention, to small or minor issues that can sometimes be fixed with the flick of a switch or the turn of a screw. No matter what kind of situation

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Stay Cool With A Clean And Well Maintained Freezer

05 Feb 2015 Uncategorized 678 Comments

When a freezer’s on the fritz, it can mean all kinds of trouble for both domestic and commercial enterprises. But aggravating noises, layers of frost, and puddles of water are just the beginning of your worries. For amateur chefs, caterers, and professional restaurateurs, a total breakdown can mean huge losses

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Keep Your Dryer In Great Working Condition To Keep Clothes Warm This Winter

26 Jan 2015 Dryer Repair No Comments

The convenience and ubiquity of the modern tumble dryer has quite literally transformed the visual landscape of our cities and towns — visions of colourful clotheslines stretching from windowsill to windowsill, drying racks (or clothes horses) erected on porches, and backyards swaying with everything from hanging bed sheets to

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Maintain The Life Of Your Dishwasher To Avoid Repairs And Replacements

31 Dec 2014 Washer Repair No Comments

As we’ve seen time and time again, even the best dishwashers need to be cared for properly. The life of any device is dependent upon its users, and will give you years of service if you treat it properly. To many, these are obvious tips and tricks, but they may

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Keep Your Home Warm This Winter Without Cranking Up The Heat

29 Dec 2014 Uncategorized No Comments

As your local heating repair expert, we like to remind our clients that “warm and cozy is our specialty!” We’ve worked on a whole lot of heating systems over the years, and we know that the only thing scarier than a busted furnace is a sky-high energy bill.

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We Can Rescue Your Holiday Party If Your Stove Or Oven Isn’t Working

25 Nov 2014 Stove Repair No Comments

So it’s your first time making a massive holiday dinner for your extended family—no more heading to Grandma’s place, or leaving everything to your Mom. You’ve got the hand-me-down family recipes tacked to the fridge, the herbs and spices lined up on the counter, and all the seasonal vegetables peeled

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It’s Cold Outside—So Stay Toasty Indoors With Toronto Refrigeration!

10 Nov 2014 Uncategorized No Comments

Whether you love to entertain or you’re planning on spending the holidays alone, you don’t want to encounter heating problems over the festive season. It’s wonderful to watch the snow pile up outside when you’ve got a roaring fire, beautiful tree, a circle of loved ones and a hot mug

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