The Most Common Problems With Gas Stoves—And How We Can Help!

Having problems with your gas stove or oven? Are you frustrated with slow-starting, slow heating, overly greasy, or leaking appliances? You might have trouble getting help from your supplier if your unit is very old, and you might be tempted to throw the whole appliance out and buy a new one. Before you do, remember to talk to one of our trained technicians at Toronto Refrigeration to determine whether you absolutely need a new model or whether repairs can be made.

Gas ovens sometimes don’t light or heat up properly. Whether natural gas or propane-fueled, your oven will likely use a pilot flame, a spark, or a hot-surface igniter — pilot flames have actual flames to light the burner, and the other two forms are electric. Check your power supply and cord; then check your gas supply (check for obstructions in the burner tube, kinks in the line, and so forth). Spark igniters are very common for surface burners. These systems can be finicky and can lose their functionality over time, so when in doubt about replacing particular models or trying to fix the problem yourself, always reach out and give us a call.

One especially common, and potentially dangerous, problem is with leaking gas. If you detect the smell of gas in your kitchen or home (aside from when the gas first turns on when you’re cooking), you could have a leak that requires immediate attention. It’s common sense, but bears repeating: if you smell gas, do not light a match, lighter, or smoke, and do not turn on or off any electrical equipment. You should open doors and windows and leave your home, and if you can find it, turn off your gas supply. If you could hear gas escaping and the smell is very strong, you’ve got to call for emergency help. Otherwise, if the smell is only very faint, you could check the burner knobs and oven to see if they were accidentally turned on. Also check your dryer and whether the boiler’s pilot light has gone out. Once the gas company has assessed the situation, we can come in and make sure your oven never leaks again.

We’re your number one source for fast, efficient, and affordable stove repairs in Toronto and the GTA. We’ve serviced every type of gas (and electric!) stove on the market, and know all the ways they can malfunction and cause you grief. Importantly, we’ve got the skills to get you cooking up a storm once again — and without hidden or surprise costs, lengthy stays, or long wait lists.

For help with any problem with your stove or oven — or any other household appliance — get in contact with us today. We can have a highly trained, courteous, and hard-working technician to your home to assess the problem and offer some professional advice. If the issue is worth the repair, then we’ll attend to it with the right tools to get your burners or lights working, as they should. Don’t live with a faulty gas stove, and don’t put off a repair! We’ll make the process as pleasant and easy as possible!