True Professional Appliance Repairs: Expert Technicians and Dedicated Service

True Professional Appliance Repairs: Expert Technicians and Dedicated Service

Now that spring is getting into gear, you’ve probably started to really appreciate all the appliances that keep things cool in your home — the air conditioner and the refrigerator. The A/C makes the hot seasons bearable indoors, and while it’s easy to take a fridge for granted because they’ve been commonly

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2 Reasons Your Fridge Might be Leaking – And How to Fix It

If you’ve ever journeyed to your kitchen in the middle of the night for a nightcap or a snack and realized your feet were wet, you’ve been the owner of a faulty fridge. While you may pray that it’s the result of a simple spill on the part of

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3 Ways To Get Make The Most Of Your Winter Utility Bill

30 Nov 2018 Appliance Repair, Furnace Repair, Uncategorized No Comments

With winter on the horizon, temperatures are rapidly dropping in the fair city of Toronto. It’s becoming quickly apparent that the upcoming cold season will be unrelenting in its ability to freeze the exterior of our homes. The windy, wet nights we’ve seen recently are simply a sample of what’s on

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The Best Beverages Begin With Fresh Ice

26 Jul 2018 Uncategorized No Comments

In the Greater Toronto Area, it can get quite hot during the summer, to the extent that it’s dangerous to be outside for extended periods of time. Shockingly, heatstroke can become a constant danger during the summer months. Staying cool, in some cases, can quite literally be a

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Four Creative Ways To Keep Your House Warm

30 Oct 2017 Uncategorized No Comments

Here at Toronto Refrigeration in the GTA, we know the value of efficient heating. While we are constantly driven to push the limits of performance in older furnaces and boilers, we also like to think about creative options for keeping your home warm in the winter in creative ways

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The Internet Of Things And Your Kitchen

31 Jul 2017 Uncategorized No Comments

If you are a wilful luddite who resists the lure of flashy new technology at every turn, you probably haven't heard of the Internet of Things (IoT). While this combination of words may seem random, it is one of the fastest growing fields in the world. Appliance repair services

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The Joys Of Yard Sales: A Paradise Of Savings

23 Jun 2017 Uncategorized 3 Comments

Much in the same vein as lemonade stands, block parties and fireworks on Canada Day, here at Toronto Refrigeration we cherish the summer ritual of cruising around to a variety of yard sales and garage sales to scour for good deals and interesting vintage items. While you may end

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The Great British Bake Off Gets New Life On A New Channel

28 Apr 2017 Uncategorized No Comments

If you refuse to watch GBBO now that Mel and Sue have quit, then click through to the next blog post. This is a pro Great British Bake Off area, and while we’re sad to see both hosts leave along with Mary Berry, we won’t be able to ignore

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Cozy Doesn’t Mean Costly

10 Nov 2016 Uncategorized No Comments

The official start of winter may be over a month away, but the temperatures are already dropping in Toronto. The cold and windy nights are only a taste of what’s to come, yet many of us are already turning to our thermostats in order to stay warm. Increasing the internal

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Give Your Furnace A Break

12 Feb 2016 Uncategorized No Comments

Right now, the GTA is enjoying one of the mildest winters on record. As you join the others outside, the efficiency of your home’s furnace may be far from your mind. But maybe it should be! Since we’re not battling against negative thirty temperatures, it’s the

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