Treat Your A/C Unit Like Gold this Winter with These Tips

Toronto Refrigeration is here for all your home appliance repair needs, but you can prevent your air conditioner from breaking down in the first place by taking a few steps to keep it in good shape when the weather gets cold.

Winterize Your Home Appliances with These Tips

What are you doing to keep your home appliances in good shape when winter rolls around? Like with all things, your appliances will have a longer life and perform better when you take proactive steps to keep them in good working condition. Canada’s dark and cold winter months can be...

Do Any of Your Home Appliances Need Servicing? Call Us!

Some of the conveniences of modern life are so baked into our daily life that they’re easy to take for granted. We seldom think about how much simpler it is to keep food fresh or maintain a comfortable indoor temperature inside our home thanks to modern appliances, but this all...

Let the Pros Maintain Your Appliances This Fall

There are certain tasks that accompany the changing of the seasons, even in our modern urban life. Autumn no longer signals that it’s time for harvest for people living in cities, but dramatically changing temperatures bring with it routines that are best followed. Given that we live in an age...

How to Pamper Your A/C Unit with These Maintenance Tips

It’s important to take care of the big-ticket items you own that play a vital role in your home — if you’ve ever had your A/C stop working on one of those stunningly hot summer days, you don’t need to be told how much it matters. Air conditioners make the...

All the Ways We Keep Your Business Cool

Peak summer has never been hotter — climate change is making cold places warm and hot places hotter. If you’re running a business, keeping it all cool isn’t only a matter of comfort: your appliances need to work properly, or else your business could suffer. For example, restaurant customers expect...

How We Help You Summer-Proof Your Home

Imagine this scenario: it’s a Saturday night in the summer and all your friends are coming over when suddenly the air conditioning starts to conk out. What were to happen if the freezer stopped working, and the summer cocktails couldn’t be served with ice?

Cooling Your Home, Then and Now

Modern society has become so accustomed to having advanced home appliances and technology that sometimes it can be difficult to imagine life without them. Have you ever wondered what it would be like, spending a summer without a working air conditioner?