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Winter Checklist For A Smooth Transition

28 Nov 2017 Appliance Repair, Stove Repair No Comments

With winter upon us, there are several important things to consider with regards to your home appliances – not just for the typical heating appliances, but for all of them. When winter creeps in, you need to think of a full dynamic shift in your home's life from one mode

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Love Your Oven!

20 Nov 2017 Stove Repair No Comments

Here at Toronto Refrigeration, we offer services that cost a bit of money in the short run, but ultimately save you lots of money in the long run, this type of work can be categorized as "value added" service. In the long, cold winter, you need your stove and elements

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Four Winter Tips For Your Household

Everybody knows about spring cleaning, but does anybody think about winter cleaning? Here in Canada, when we batten down the hatches and turn on our heaters for the winter, we're usually preoccupied with work, getting the kids to school and battling seasonal affective disorder as the days grow quite

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Four Creative Ways To Keep Your House Warm

30 Oct 2017 Uncategorized No Comments

Here at Toronto Refrigeration in the GTA, we know the value of efficient heating. While we are constantly driven to push the limits of performance in older furnaces and boilers, we also like to think about creative options for keeping your home warm in the winter in creative ways

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Straddling The Seasons

Here in our fair city of Toronto, we experienced higher than usual temperatures in the month of September, with some of the hottest days of the year landing right at beginning of the fall season. As Torontonians, we experience extreme swings in the weather, which can be stressful as we

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Keep That Fridge Clean!

10 Oct 2017 Refrigerator Repair No Comments

2017 is the year that the city of Toronto rolls out their new green bins, which are much larger than the previous ones. This is fantastic news for a few reasons. First of all, if you have a large family who produces a tremendous amount of organic waste each week,

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Treat Your Oven Right!

29 Sep 2017 Appliance Repair, Stove Repair No Comments

With summer behind us, it's almost time to close up the grill for the winter. On occasion, winter grilling can be fun, but let's be realistic, once that intense Canadian winter sets in, you'll likely be leaning on your oven to prepare most of your family's meals. While the passing

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Four Classic Tips For Your Home Appliances

20 Sep 2017 Appliance Repair, Dryer Repair No Comments

Here at Toronto Refrigeration, we are obsessed with providing top-tier, value-added service for your many home appliances. Running a busy household requires an immense amount of co-ordination and experience – and also for all of your equipment to function properly. Savvy consumers have learned over the years that the

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Dryer Maintenance 101

13 Sep 2017 Dryer Repair No Comments

As we've discussed in a separate post this month, as the summer draws to a close and the weather starts to cool off, we'll all be abandoning the charm of the outdoor clothesline in favour of the electric dryer. In certain instances, such as cleaning denim or washing delicate garments,

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Our Multi-Talented Repair Staff

When a crucial home appliance breaks, it can be a time of extreme stress and chaos. If you have a big family where everyone is constantly working and keeping busy, a broken appliance such as a refrigerator or a washer and dryer can really screw up the flow of your

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