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Cool Synergy: Air Conditioning And Fridges

18 Apr 2018 Air Conditioner Repair, Refrigerator Repair No Comments

As we start to look towards the heat of summer, it's time to dust off those fans and A/C units and make sure that everything is still working properly. While you may have forgotten about summer heat during the long on brutal winter, we're here to remind you: Toronto gets

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3 Basic Home Appliance Tips

Managing a household can be difficult, especially if you have a large family. When a crucial appliance breaks it can feel downright impossible. That's why we provide fast appliance repair services for families in Toronto and the GTA – we know how valuable your time is and we want

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The Benefits Of A Dual Fridge Household

30 Mar 2018 Refrigerator Repair No Comments

Every time you open your fridge is it difficult to find what you're looking for? Is the Dijon mustard hidden behind a bunch of leftovers? When you're hosting a party, do you quickly run out of ice or space in your fridge for your guests' drinks? Perhaps you eat more

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Rusty Appliances? Get Them Serviced!

21 Mar 2018 Appliance Repair No Comments

Many Canadians like to take off during the winter for an extended vacation in Florida, Belize, Costa Rica – anywhere warm to escape the frigid, frosty times in Toronto! And while this migration makes a lot of sense, leaving your appliances to sit unused for a long time can

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3 Tips To Keep Your Refrigerator Running Like A Dream

13 Mar 2018 Refrigerator Repair No Comments

You know that old joke that goes like this:

Q: Is your refrigerator running?

A: Yeah...

Q: Well then you'd better go and catch it!

Well, most of us would like to think that our refrigerators are running (if not in this literal sense), and hopefully

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Furnaces Vs. Boilers: What’s Right For You?

28 Feb 2018 Furnace Repair No Comments

If you live anywhere in the northern hemisphere, then during the winter months your heating system is probably the most important tool in your life. While some people may take heating for granted and never think twice about it, we like to encourage our clients to take an active interest

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Draft Dodgers Part Two: Tips For Warming Your Home

22 Feb 2018 Furnace Repair No Comments

In Part one of this two-part post we looked at alternative ways of heating your house – including space heaters and woodstoves – and also looked at a couple of ways to keep your home warm once it's nice and toasty – including draft stoppers and thick curtains. In this

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Draft Dodgers Part One: Tips For Warming Your Home

15 Feb 2018 Furnace Repair No Comments

While many people think that their furnace and central heating system should heat their entire home, often it is advantageous to take a more diversified approach. Surely, your furnace is your workhorse in terms of providing most of the heat you need, but by relying on a series of

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Toronto Refrigeration’s Common Sense Recap

For all of you out there who read our blog, hopefully you've picked up some indispensable tips and tricks over the years for getting the most out of your appliances and avoiding catastrophes. Lately we've been focusing a lot on ovens and furnaces, but we thought we'd take a chance

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Heat Source: Wood Burning Furnaces & Old School Stoves

16 Jan 2018 Appliance Repair, Stove Repair No Comments

In the Canadian winter, it's all about the heat. Whether you pass the winter in a historic, cottage-like house near Lake Ontario, or reside in one of the towering condos in City Place and King West Village, staying warm is of the utmost importance in the cold, frigid months. When

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